Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Ghost Clowns" in the desert

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there!!!

Case File Number 834309583957432948730 Date:4 November 2006 Saturday When:Approximately all day Where: Red Rock Canyon Campground, aka 13 Mile Campground Las Vegas, Nevada Case: On 4 November 2006, two camp hosts were seen missing. More on how someone can be seen and missing at the same time is Case File Number 53245249904 with Officer Barny Fife actively seeking answers. It all started when the two hosts, Bob and LaVerne , were last seen Saturday morning. These two people went into their RV, and a couple of clowns came out. That afternoon, campers found themselves restless and distant from society, and many complained of uneasiness, as if they had lost something important. Bob and LaVerne were not seen all day, with no sign of activity at their host site at 13 Mile Campground. At the verge of dusk, the two clowns showed up, spreading good humor (not the ice cream) and joy to all. Their smiling, painted faces and good nature brought happiness to young and old alike.Bob and LaVerne are still missing, but the two clowns appear to have made the RV their home and are even dressing in Bob and LaVerne's clothes. Do not be fooled, they simply have a striking resemblance to the real Bob and LaVerne. They are just as friendly and kind hearted, but be aware that they are simply real live clowns, posing as Bob and LaVerne. Please refer to the attached files for pictures of "Silly Willy" and "Fluffy." Warning: The Clowns may be considered hazaardess to your sadness, can cause severe stomach ache due to laughter, and are a flight risk around Nov. 10. If you have any leads on how two clowns were able to spread such happiness and fun throughout the campground, or you know the real Bob and LaVerne's whereabouts, please call your local BLM Law Enforcement.

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Sue said...

I'd like to report a Bob and LaVerne siting. I think they were in Cleveland, Ohio in September of '07. I cannot claim to have seen them with my own eyes, but I know people who did and I have a picture to prove it!