Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ooooops a lesson learned !! Very First Gig (Part 2)

After noticing that we had been left behind by the parade, we decided to head for the opening ceremonies and flag raising. Grrreat, the parade was still intact. The honor guard was taking their places for the raising of the flag and we the clowns were there too! We are always amazed at the beauty of Old Glory as it is raised upward to its place at the top of the flagpole.

Now it was time to rejoin the parade back to a staging area. We were placed at the front of the parade, wow, what an honor! Off we went in our glory.....head of the parade! People applauding us and the carriages and others in the parade. It was so exciting. Adults and children called out to us and we went over to more people that were shouting in the crowd. We did balloon twisting, and the chain and ring trick. What laughter and what fun until we noticed that we had lost our second parade in less than 2 hours.

By this time, other fellow Joeys showed up and set up the face painting tents and balloon twisting area. We walked around with a hand mirror introducing people to beautiful people. . . . . . . . . . . .themselves! The temperature had risen past the 98 degree mark and it was 3.00 P.M. . So we decided to catch the Elvis impersonator show. Walking across the field where we were doing balloon sculptures, I suddenly felt faint and asked Fluffy to hold my hand to balance me.
We were so excited we had forgotten to eat lunch or drink any water. Being a diabetic, this all took a toll on me. After a hot dog and a coke and rest in the shade, I was rejuvenated.

We left the festival around 4 P.M. after a full day in costume and makeup. Our first gig was a success and we were still excited!!

On our trip home, we missed a Kodak Moment by not having our camera with us. As we approached a curve in the road, there sitting on four posts were a buzzard on each post looking at each other with a sign behind them which read,"Where's the beef ?"

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