Sunday, April 13, 2008

Red Skelton "How did he know"

Today is our first day at the World Clown Convention being held in Orlando, Florida. So today's post is being dedicated to Red Skelton, one of television's most famous clowns. Red was also known for his dedicated belief in the United States of America and the freedoms for which it stands. Please take a couple of minutes out of your busy schedule to listen to Red Skelton. Thank you!!!

Listen to Red Skelton


Sue said...

Hey Uncle Silly Willy, you and Aunt Fluffy have a good time at the convention! If I get a chance later, I'll make a few screen caps and email them to you. And hopefully be able to show you how to post a link!
Okey dokey!?

ettarose said...

I heard about your new blog through sue and wanted to welcome you. I think Red Skelton is, without a doubt the greatest clown of all time. It was a special night at our house growing up to gather round and watch him. I am a lot older now and treasure those memories. I hope you don't mind, but I have included you in my Tuesday Link Love Story. I would love you to stop by and read it.