Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here we were in western Kentucky, First of May Clowns, away from the support of our clown alley in Florida and away from the mentors that adopted us after graduation. We wanted to clown at the local hospital and nursing home. What was it they told us at clown school? Oh yes, "Get a seasoned clown to to show you what to do and most important, what not to do!" Being in a state park and in a remote area with no phone signal, what is a clown to do? I know, we'll drive the 45 miles to get a signal on our cell phone and call our mentors.
Hey Fluffy, " Isn't that the Mississippi River?" "Oh, hi Red Bird and Kitty Kitty" "What you doing these days. Traveling!", you say. Well, you said "If we ever needed any help, you would help us, Right? What kind of help do we need? " We want to clown at the local hospital and nursing home and need to know what to expect and what to do and not do!"
"We are in a state park in western Kentucky and we will be here at least a week. There are 3 families here and they are doing their annual Gospel show this weekend. " Hey Fluffy, Red Bird and Kitty Kitty will be here in a couple days. They only have to drive through two states.

Wow, that's real mentoring!

Red Bird and Kitty Kitty arrived safely and we talked and planned our visit to the hospital the next day. T
hat night, we decided to practice twisting balloons as there would be a lot of children in the park this weekend. Well, we twisted and laughed and twisted and laughed and twisted and twisted and laughed until we filled the whole front end of our motorhome. Whoops! The next day. we put on our costumes and passed out the balloons throughout the park. Then we headed for the hospital. There were only two children patients in the hospital. After taking pictures with the kids and families we visited the rest of the patients. We said our goodbyes and headed for the nursing home.

Here, we received a hardy welcome from staff and residents. Red Bird and Kitty Kitty took one hallway and Fluffy and I took the other. There were smiles everywhere. Mr Peepers, my puppet, was a big hit too with the residents. This is where we experienced our very first emotional high. We stopped in one of the rooms where a worker was exchanging linens. I walked over to the gentleman in a wheelchair. He had very thick glasses and Mr. Peepers extended his hand for a handshake. The man pulled his hand back and I said "I'm sorry, I hope Mr. Peepers didn't scare you. He is a very friendly little fella and only wanted to shake your hand. Mr. Peepers wants to be your friend!" With that said, the man reached up and shook hands with Mr. Peepers. The worker in the room said, "That is amazing, he hasn't moved in over three months!"
WOW, I was speechless!

Our Mentors, our friends helping to bring smiles, love, laughter and happiness to others.

Thank you again Red Bird and Kitty Kitty. You're the greatest!


Sue said...

Hey Uncle Silly Willy!
Your blog is looking great!
Tell Aunt Fluffy I said Hi!

Love ya,

Margaret said...

This is great fun! Be careful in your travels -- stay safe! Congratulations on touching the gentleman in the nursing home. I know from experience with my therapy dogs just how that makes you feel. Making people smile and be happy is very worthwhile.