Monday, March 24, 2008

Clown School "The House of Ha Ha!!' (Part 3)

Graduation day had finally arrived !!

Ten weeks of clown boot camp went by so fast that our heads and brains were swimming. If it looks like a clown, walks like a clown, it must be a clown, right? Wrong! Hearts were pounding and now it was time to perform skits in front of a live audience on a stage. Many in our class had never performed on a stage especially in front of an audience of seasoned clowns. This was one of the largest classes and there was a very large audience of clowns, friends and family members.

Toby, our teacher and mentor acting as the Master of Ceremonies started to introduce the class.
"Ladies and Gentlemen and People Of All Ages, We proudly present one of our largest classes of clown graduates. This class is known as the "Class of Distinction" Please bring on the class with a round of applause. Our names were called out. . . . .Blue Bonnett. . . Ha Ha. . .Fluffy. . .Hon E Do. . . .La Lee. . .Mumbles. . . .Pixie. . . .Silly Willy. . . .Tap Happy. . . .and. . . .Twinkle


This skit was presented by Twinkle and Mumbles. Twinkle was the youngest member in our class. Mumbles and Silly Willy were the only males in the class.

Mumbles was very brave during the 10 weeks. We had to come to class dressed in clown attire. Mumbles had to attend city council meetings prior to coming to class. He was dressed in Hobo Clown attire. . . . .and . . . .he is the Chief of Police of Lake Placid, Florida.
And now you know the rest of the story !. . . . . .

This skit was performed by La Lee now known as "Pinky"

The graduation skits went very well with a few minor "flubs" which turned out very funny and the crowd loved it. Yes, they loved it because it has happened to them also. The show must go on! . . . .
After the diplomas were dispensed, Toby made a call to the seasoned clowns in the audience to be mentors to these "First of May Clowns" or in new terms "Newbies"

DID YOU KNOW. . . .Court Jesters have performed in China since 1818 B.C.
DID YOU KNOW. . . .Philip astley created what is considered the first circus in England in 1768. He also created the first circus act called Billy Buttons.

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