Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clown School "The House of Ha Ha!!' (Part 2)

"Ladies, Gentlemen and Children of ALL Ages!" We wish to introduce you to the founder of Toby the Clown Foundation, Clown extraordinary, teacher and mentor to thousands of clowns. Many clown organizations have benefited from his clowning experiences and desire to bring smiles, laughter and happiness to everyone he meets. Among his many accomplishments is being one of the founding directors of Red Nose Response to catastrophic disasters. His dedication to excellence in clowning, ethical and proper conduct especially when dressed in clown attire, is of the utmost importance.

Our first class was a hilarious experience. First we covered the history of Clowning followed by the various types of clowns. These categories were white face, auguste, tramp or hobo.

DID YOU KNOW...The art of clowning has existed for thousands of years. A pygmy clown performed as a jester in the court of Pharaoh Dadkeri-Assi during Egypt's Fifth Dynasty about 2500 B.C.

DID YOU KNOW...William Shakespeare utilized clowns basically in theatrical artform during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

"The history of clowning is a history of creativity, evolution and change"

Each one of us had to determine what type of clown we wanted to be. Then we had to give our clown character an age. With this in mind, we were then separated into two rooms, white face clowns in one room and auguste and tramp clowns in the other. Once we started applying the makeup the laughter started and erupted into a small roar for the rest of the class period.

The following weeks we had to appear in makeup and one new part of our costume. This took careful planning on our part as we were working toward the building of a real clown character.
Fluffy decided to become whiteface and I decided to become auguste. When we found out that when whiteface clown and auguste clown appear together, the auguste clown bears the brunt of the jokes. I looked over at Fluffy and she had the biggest chessy cat grin on her face. Look out Silly Willy !!!!

The class time flew by and the laughter was infectious. We felt like kids again. The following classes will deal with making choices of nose, wig, giving your character a walk. Then we will learn how to trip and fall, walk into a wall or door. Class came to an end and it was time to go home. Guess what? We missed the first class where they told you how to take your makup off.
So off to Winn Dixie we went at 10:30 P.M.. Did we get the stares! There were a few grins but we wondered what was going through all those people's minds...........Good thing we didn't chose
7 Eleven.

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