Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clown School "The House of Ha Ha!!! " (Part 1)

One of my supervisors once told me that I dress very well but that I needed a little more color in my ties and shirts. Well, "What do you think?" Not too drastic, Huh?

Fluffy and I found ourselves in Lake Placid, Florida. We had been doing site maps for RV parks. We went to the library to check our email. So, Fluffy said you do the email and I am going to see what was going on at the little clown building a block away. There was a large group of people involved in some activities.

I had finished the email when Fluffy returned. I asked her what was going on at the clown building? She said, "They were a bunch of clowns getting ready to dedicate the building for their Clown College in a week or so!" She said they were doing skits for the show and dedication. Come on, I want you to meet some of the people I met.

When we got back to the building, Fluffy introduced me to Big Al and Giggles his wife. They were officers in the Clown Alley. Then she introduced me to Toby the Clown, founder of Toby the Clown Foundation. He was the teacher and mentor to a few thousand clowns that had gone through the rigors of clowndom. Toby said if you're interested in becoming a clown, you can join this class. We have nine more weeks and you can only miss one class in your training. Since we started last monday, you have already missed a class and you cannot miss anymore. Fluffy said, "Well, what do you think, ya wanna do it?" Remembering our feelings about clowns, we said, "yes, we'll do it!" Toby said great, the class will be learning how to apply makeup on monday. He gave us a video of different types of clowns putting on their makeup in the correct way. We went home very excited and wondered did we bite off too much too soon? We were still working and now we are working and going to school! Sounds like something we did many years ago. The excitement was overwhelming!

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