Saturday, November 3, 2012

We thank God for our "Safety"! Pray for those less fortunate!

We are safe in Florida.!  It was touch and go as we traveled south
to get out of the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  The days of driving 
through rain and high winds were very stressful.  Our thoughts of
those we left behind were constantly on our minds.  Were our
family members and friends safe?  Were their homes and
properties destroyed by this "Storm of the Century"?  The carnage
of this storm knocked out communications preventing answers to
our questions!

Our thoughts and prayers are for those people and families who
have suffered losses of life and homes.  There are many without
food, clothing and housing who are in dire need of help! It is times
like this that our American Strengths provide our greatness in 
assisting those that need our help. This time it is here at home!

Whatever we or you can do to help we can do it. Above all, please
start with prayers!!.

1 comment:

Sandee said...

Everyone that was affected by Sandy is in my prayers. An awful storm indeed.

Have a terrific day and I'm glad you are home safe. :)