Monday, October 22, 2012

News Flash! Klass Klowns Missing or Not?

Have you seen Silly Willy and Fluffy??????

No, they are not missing in action!! They have been traveling
through Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and now in Virginia.
They have been spreading love, laughter and happiness  with
everyone they meet.  Yes, they have missed all of you great
people out there that visit this blog.  Soon, they will share
some of the places, people and activities they have been
involved in with you.  Stay tuned to this blog to see these
exciting events!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Klass Klown Graduation & Show 2012

2012 Klass Klown Graduation

Granny in pantomime "Bubble Gum"


Joy & Lulu in "Coffee Break"

"Stagecoach" featuring
Vagabond Joe & Mr. Old School


Fred the "Fantastic Flea" featuring "Firefly"

Several of our clowns are arrested 
and go to court.
Noodles, Firefly, Peace and 
Baby Clown
Bailiff is Vagabond Joe
Judge Lulu is presiding

"The Newspaper" staring Mr. 
Old School & Vagabond Joe

"The Wonderful Dollar"
Joy, Lulu & Baby Clown

Vagabond Joe is looking for
a "Brain Transplant" and Dr.
Joy is trying to help him!

Firefly and Peace are trying 
to talk to each other in "The
Telephone Call"

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