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"A GREAT DAY!" with Silly Willy and Fluffy (August 20, 2016)

This was going to be a different kind of day for two clowns.  We were going to
 Kettle Creek Farm for the "Grand Opening " of their produce stand.  

Fluffy: "Silly Willy be sure to put on your new bib overalls costume for the farm!"
Silly Willy: "I don't think so!"
Fluffy: "Why not?"
Silly Willy: "We are going to a farm and I want to drive one of those tractors and
 maybe that 1931 Ford truck. I don't want to get oil and grease on my
  " New Costume"!
(And so the story begins)

We had fun with passers-by honking their horns and waving. Customers were sur-
prised to meet clowns on a farm. In between we did some photo shoots.

Kettle Creek Farm and Amy's Country Charm
43902 State Route 303 Oberlin, Ohio 

After our fun on the farm, we stopped at Lagrange Village Pizza for
the best pizza anywhere! 118 Public Sq.
Lagrange, Ohio 44050   Tel. 440-355-5199
" Hi, can I help you?"               Silly and Pizza Queen

 The Happy Pizza Chefs and Us  

Fluffy: "Silly Willy, We should head home with our dinner!" 
Silly Willy: OK, I'm hungry too!

( On  the way we were flagged down by a wedding party )  

Photographer: "Will You join us for wedding pictures?"
Silly Willy:" Do you want to do this? "                                               
 Fluffy:"Sure, That will be fun , why not!"
Silly Willy: Will you send pictures for our blog?
Photographer: "We sure will! Just follow us!"
Note: We will post pictures when received!

(Continuing home to the Campground) 

Silly Willy: "Fluffy. They're having a car show today! 
                 Do you want to go see the cars?"
Fluffy: "Sure Silly, the pizza's cold anyway! "

    Silly Willy: "This is Sean' s 1957 Chevy! WOW! 

Silly Willy:"This is John's 1977 Ford Station Wagon "What a Beauty!"  

Silly Willy: "I like this car, it's cute and old too!"

Fluffy:"Silly Willy, It's time to go home NOW! That's our car!!!"

Silly Willy: Fluffy.Here's our Buddy, Logan. He loves these cars!"

Silly Willy: "Are you having fun, Logan? We are too! Well gotta go!

Fluffy:" Hey Silly Willy, there's a bunch of friends and kids! Shall we go over
              and make balloons" 
Silly Willy: You betcha!!!!!

(To be continued-When we get the wedding pictures)

(The end!..No, It's just the beginning!!)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

James Cagney Documentary (Great Talent from the past)

                                                 CLICK HERE: James Cagney Documentary

Source: Internet
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