Monday, May 1, 2017

The Greatest Show on Earth (Beginning of the end)

"Ladies, Gentlemen and people of all
ages!"In our center ring featuring our
zany, funny and hilarious clowns who
are performing a feat of outstanding  strength!"

The elephants have been retired to a sanctuary in Florida.
Remaining are still the horses and dogs

I guess there is some sadness for many of us Ringling and 
Barnum and Bailey Circus fans.The Circus gave us the 
unusual and outstanding entertainment that we enjoyed. We
gave our hearts and ogling eyes to the performers who tried
to be the best they could be. The Circus was our fantasy
world during our childhood.

We became Clowns to hold onto that tiny sparkle of childhood
to become adults that bring love, laughter and happiness to
The Circus is not dead! it is again evolving into a new form of
entertainment as it did 146 years ago!

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