Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Just a yard sale and two lovely ladies!

Yes, it was just a shopping day for food and back home.
There were two lovely ladies having a nice day enjoying
a beautiful day and each others company.  They noticed
the red nose and smiling mouth on our car. My friend is
afraid of clowns. I asked why and she said masked faces
bum me out and I can't touch them or be close to them.

We had a conversation about what real clowns do and
how they help their communities by visiting hospitals,
Nursing Homes, Hospice Facilities and Abused Centers
for Children.  We participate for Fund Raisers for Cancer.

As we got ready to leave we all shook hands and I said
"You just shook hands witha real clowns and it was OK!"

The other lady said "I have something for you!" It was
a Ringling Cup. She said "It is over!"  I said "Circuses will
continue to exist!"

Thank you Heidi and Theresa


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