Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feather Pillows and Fun!

How do you start your day? Do you drag yourself out of bed? Do you mope about thinking what battles you must win and who you have to please to make it through the day? Is this all there is to life? WOW! I mean WOW! It's time for an attitude adjustment!

Many find that it takes getting up a little earlier, throwing on your play clothes and take a brisk walk, jog or short bike ride. This helps get your bodily functions moving. Before long, you will start feeling better, looking better and more confident.

Fluffy and I have come up with a great method that works for us. We have a pillow fight every morning! You read right, a pillow fight. If you remember the movies of The Pink Panther where Peter sellers would enter his appartment and would be surprise attacked by his assistant. This is how the pillow fight goes every morning. Laughter abounds everywhere! It's great being a kid again! It's wonderful being a clown!


Sassy Mama Bear said...

I like to end the day with a pillow fight myself :)

Patricia Rockwell said...

I like this idea and may try it with my husband. Do you ever get so carried away that the stuffing comes out of the pillows?

Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

Thank you for your comments! No Patricia, we haven't knocked the stuffing out of the pillows. . .YET!

The fun is in the surprise factor and we never go for the face. The backside is a favorite target.

Water is another fun thing to do. it is fun to do it outside with water balloons. Great smile Patricia. Keep laughter always in your life!

CelloBella said...

I'm not sure a pillow fight would put me in the best of moods first thing - but I'm willing to try it... once.