Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crash. Crash, Bang, Bang and Yeehaah!

Hopefully, the reconstruction period is over ! Our equipment is up and running ! It almost feels like summer break is happening again. Remember the things you used to say on the last day of school,"No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks!" Now it's no more libraries to visit for email checks or blog checks with short time limits. Now we are free, free at last to spend time with our fellow bloggers.

Thank you all for hanging in with us during this time of inconvenience. Thank you also for the entrecard drops and adverts you provided. So join us on our way to Giggle City !


Sue said...

That was a little longer than you expected, isn't it? Well I hope you have all your whachamawhoitzs and thingamabobs in the right place!

Silly & Fluffy said...

Sue, you have such a way with words!
Thank you for all your help????
Thingamabobs? Ooooops!
Silly Willy

Debbie said...

glad you are back, we sure missed your silly bottoms!