Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stand up! Stand up now!

Even clowns get their feelings hurt! In this photo, someone told Fluffy that her orange hair was ugly. Silly Willy said, "No it's not, her hair is beautiful!"
People often say or do things that hurt another's feelings. Why would they say or do these things? Sometimes, people in a group will pass by a clown and someone will say stomp on his big shoes! Then suddenly there's a group of grown-ups that are trying to stomp on a clown's new $450.00 pair of shoes. What does this tell the kids that observe this behavior. That it is OK to behave in this manner. Is it OK to pick on another who is different, one who is less fortunate?

There was a story of a clown that was entertaining at a festival. He had been bringing smiles, laughter and love to all he met for many years. One of the people at the festival gave his son a hammer and told him to go and hit the clowns big shoes. This act ended a clowns career as he was a diabetic and the injury eventually caused the foot to be amputated. Wasn't this a fun thing to do?

The purpose of this post is not only how to treat clowns but how to treat others that are part of your lives. Treat others with respect especially the young, the old, those who are physically or mentally impaired. Stand up for those who are more or less fortunate than yourself. Your life will change dramatically. " Stand up, stand up now for yourself !"


Mariuca said...

LOL! Very cute blog! :)

Daisy said...

It is very, very Wrong to hurt someone's feelings. Being nice is much, much better. And I think Fluffy has pretty hair.

CastoCreations said...

Oh that poor clown! What a horrible thing to tell a child to do!!! :(