Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Oh No!" It's happening again!

Oh No, not again. I feel as if I am having an "Intellectual Pause!"

Have you ever got yourself into a lot of projects and feel as if somebody or something is picking at your brain???

That is where I am at this moment. If you remember the catastrophe of my dumping all my pictures from the World Clown convention. I did receive a bunch of pics from some wonderful friends. Now the work begins with editing and sizing for publishing. There are some stories of some of the old circus clowns in the planning stages. No, there is not a meltdown in progress.
It is a time thingy! Plus there will be a few travel trips to make. Since starting this blog, we have traveled through four states. If you have any questions about clowning or want some information about clown schools send them to us. In the meantime, please be patient! Thank you for dropping by! Please write!

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