Tuesday, January 17, 2017

End of the Circus Era (Who's to blame?)

Who is to blame for the end of the Circus as we know it. Animal Activists
lack of audience attendance. increased Operational Expenses,scare tactics by
individuals seeking attention to themselves. It may be all of these!

Ringling Bros.Circus will continue to feature other extraordinary animal 
performers , including tigers,lions, horses, dogs and camels. The Feld Family
is attempting to keep this 146 year old traditional entertainment alive for all to
see and enjoy.  The elephants are the first to go.  What is next?

Ringling Bros. Circus "The Greatest Show on Earth" has been the cornerstone
of this fine family tradition! What will be missed? The child with oggleing eyes
peering at the parade around the 3 rings, beautiful ladies swinging high above
the sawdust floor and a circus band with great exciting music. Then animals 
appear in all three rings at the same time doing their routines. Then the high-
wire Wallenda Family slowly moving across taught wire with awesome grace.
Then comes the wonderful funny and exciting clowns. They were always there
helping the other performers. Then they would chase each other falling down
using a slapstick  they would fall down again when the big bang would happen.
fun fun fun is what the circus is and that is what circus is for a family!
Our memories of the circus will always remain in our hearts!!!

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