Thursday, June 18, 2015

Needles, needles and more needles...Nuts!

My father used to tell the Phlebotomist in the hospital when they kept asking 
for more blood samples..".I am from Transylvania!"" I don't give blood, I take blood!"
I'm beginning to feel the same way I probably will start lighting up or glow at night.
The truth father really was from Transylvania!!!
"Vant to come fly vit me? Bwahahahaha!


Sandee said...

I hope it's nothing serious. Or is this for fun.

Hope you two are doing well. Big hugs to you both. ♥♥♥

Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

No Sandee! You must understand this is how I deal with stressful situations. Levity is my crutch! I have always tried to be the crutch for others when tears and disaster entered their
lives. As clowns, Fluffy and I have tried to be the positive beacon for others. We have chosen
this path to bring love, laughter and smiles to everyone we meet.