Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here today, gone tomorrow! Thats's how it all happened! One day you are on line and the next all you get are notice windows that says cannot load this window. What is a clown to do? So I called tech services which was not aware of any problems. After each call, I was told that the problem should be corrected within a couple hours. So ring a ding a ding, "Hello this is Silly Willy, I still cannot get on line. We are very sorry sir, let me check. There is a problem, it should be corrected within a few hours. Four days went by and still no service. Now I have a list of pen pals all from India. There was Adam, Ronnie, Gary and others that were very gracious in handling many irate customers. I am now known as Sir Silly Willy!

Finally, there came a notice that there was a problem with a couple of transponders on a satellite and that they were working on the problem. I bet they were drawing straws to see who gets the job to climb the ladder to the satellite. What ya think?

Our thanks to all of you who hung in there with your drops and adverts during this time. You are the greatest. Our Blogoshere is really cool !

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Sue said...

I was wondering where the heck you were! I talked to Tim the other day and he said he saw you two. I asked him if Uncle Silly Willy said anything about being offline, are they having computer problems? And he said, "I don't know."